Please note the following urgent message. We’ve been following the news closely as we’re sure you have, witnessing the multiple closures and confusion about COVID-19.

Please let us tell you upfront why this issue is important to us. We have clients with auto-immune disorders and seniors for whom we play an important role in their support with coronavirus anxiety. We also have many elderly clients who depend on us as their therapist. It’s important to us that we minimise spreading the infection.
We’ve made a decision that we believe will empower us to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. With immediate affect we will be working with clients virtually or over the phone only.
Neither of these options will cost you extra. We pay for an online service, that is free for you to use and is encrypted on both ends. You can download Zoom on your computer or on your mobile devices (phones, tables, laptop, etc.) If you have a camera for video calls, you can use this service with ease.
Wer’e happy to offer this as a means for us to continue the good work we do together.
If you already have an appointment, your appointment type will automatically convert to an online session. We can also meet via telephone if that’s easier for you. You should receive a link for us to meet online.
Alternatively, if you don’t currently have an appointment but would like to make one, please get in touch on mindworkstherapist. follow this link to make an online (zoom or phone) appointment with us or text us on 07510092075 request a callback.
For payment, we will email you an invoice that you can pay online with by bank credit transfer.
Stay safe. Don’t struggle alone, we’re here for you.