Havening Therapy

As experienced therapists, life coaches and trainers, we can share with you this radical breakthrough therapy of Self-Havening techniques from the States.

Havening therapy is an innovative, rapidly effective, gentle and safe treatment for emotional trauma, PTSD, phobias, anxiety, and other powerful negative emotions that may be holding you back from being free to fully live your life.

It also relieves stress as well as being highly effective in enhancing well-being and resilience. At Mindworks we believe in bringing you highly effective treatments that have proven outcomes are formed from a scientific basis.

Using the latest findings from neuroscience, Havening techniques ® are producing ground-breaking results in the treatment of trauma and emotional responses, which is why we wanted to bring this treatment to you.

The feedback we have received from our clients as well as what we have witnessed in using this therapy applied on ourselves, first-hand in therapy sessions has been remarkable, consequently making her a huge advocate of this therapy and it is now one of her most preferential forms of therapy to bring you fast and effective results. Complex issues and deeper trauma that used to take several hours or even weeks to resolve can now often be treated with this technique in one session, with ongoing support to carry through the changes. It is fair to say this has got Tam and her clients excited!

We are passionate about Havening techniques and continues to develop our skills and knowledge about Havening as the treatment develops and the results of the ongoing research studies progress, strongly supporting its effectiveness.

We are also researching Neuroscience, so we are developing a deep understanding of the workings of the brain, how it affects you as well as… and most importantly… how we can change it!