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Individual Therapy

Anxiety, Depression, Anger, OCD,  Fear,  Loss, Worry, Panic, Loneliness and Addiction recovery

Couples Therapy

Interpersonal Communications skills for couples, or individuals wanting to build or maintain health relationships.

Psychosensory Therapy

A therapeutic treatment that uses sensory stimuli (i.e., touch, sight, sound, taste, smell) such as Havening, to affect psychological and emotional health, including trauma.

Our Approach 

We would introduce you to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, which has been proven scientifically with years of evidence, showing that it helps people struggling with stress, anxiety, anger, depression and relationship difficulties or, those who just wanting to find a more rich and meaningful life.

Our Education

  •  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  •  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  •  Compassion Focused Therapy
  •  Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
  •  Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

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