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Hi there!

We are Ian and Lesley

We are experienced Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapists, with 20+ years experience in Personal Development and a background of working within an NHS Community Mental Health Team.

Our Approach 

We would introduce you to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, which has been proven scientifically with years of evidence, showing that it helps people struggling with stress, anxiety, anger, depression and relationship difficulties or, those who just wanting to find a more rich and meaningful life.

“Helping You to help Yourself to become Your own Therapist” 

We support and educate our clients with a library of clinician-created educational videos, assessments and PDF Handouts.Physitrack® logo


Your Stress Response

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  • Stress, Anxiety, and Worry – What’s the difference?
  • The Fight, Flight, Freeze Response – The Root of Stress
  • Your Nervous System – Sympathetic and Parasympathetic response
  • Grounding Techniques for Mindfulness
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

Feed your Brain

Read More
  • Nutrition: Feeding Your Brain
  • The Mind Diet
  • Natural supplements and treatments
  • Releasing Feel Good Chemicals

Mindfulness Skills

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  • Perceived Danger vs a Safe Haven
  • Safe Place Imagery
  • Grounding to the Present Moment
  • Havening Techniques
  • Visualisation

Coping Skills

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  • Relaxation Coping Skills
  • Distraction Coping Skills
  • Sensory Coping Skills
  • Distress Tolerance Skills
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Havening Techniques
  • Psychosensory Techniques

Change your Brain

Read More
  • Change How You Think
  • Coping Statements
  • Black & White Thinking
  • Catastrophising and other Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Self-Care Skills

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  • Building Resiliency
  • Develop Your Self-Care plan
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Health Eating
  • Steps for Wellbeing
  • Value Based Actions

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